Structural Steel Protection

Intumescent paints are fast becoming the preferred method for protecting structural steel during the construction process. It is quick, cost effective and provides protection to the structure for up to 120 minutes.

The paint is usually applied using an airless spray pump, the dry film thickness (DFT) will be recorded on Test Inspection Sheets to ensure the different sized columns and beams have the correct loadings.

EAFP work closely with SHERWIN-WILLIAMS whose technical team are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Intumescent Paints.

  • A Certificate of Conformity is issued on completion of our works
  • All loadings are checked using a calibrated Elcometer
  • Board encasement of Structural Steels

The correct board must be used for the protection of structural steels, therefore the following factors must be considered:

  • Fire resistance period
  • Sectional size and steel profile
  • Boarded fire protection systems can be very beneficial when acoustic properties need to be achieved

EAFP are approved installers for the following manufactures:

  • ROCKWOOL – Beam Clad
  • PROMAT – Calcium Silicate & Vermiculite Boards
  • GYPROC – Firecase Board

Call 07887712142 or email for free advice or to request a Fire Risk Assessment at your premises.

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